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Australia Properties

Now’s the best time to buy Australia Properties! Buy when the Singapore Dollars is almost on par with the Australian currency. Low stamp duty in Victoria at 3.4% compared to other states in Australia! Save on ABSD by investing in overseas properties. Australia properties are popular amongst Singaporeans as Australia properties can be used as investments, future use when children study in Melbourne and also as a retirement home as Melbourne is voted 4 times in a row most liveable city. Melbourne is voted 4 times most liveable based on its education, hospitality, transport, recreation and many other factors. Australia properties also have high loan leverage as if you’re taking a loan from Australia, TDSR (Total Debt Servicing Ratio) is not applicable.

Foreigners love to invest in Australia as you would only need to pay 10% downpayment which would be kept in the Solicitors Trust Fund Account, earning estimated 2.2% interest rate. Australia  has a steady & healthy median apartment price growth over last 10yrs which means good Capital Appreciation. It’s high transparency in transactions data means purchasers valuation is assured current.

Reasons to buy Australia Properties Now !

  • The Australian property market has been one of the world’s most consistent Property markets in the past, Since the 1990s, prices have risen by est. around 6% per annum.
  • Low down payment of ONLY 10% now, balance on Completion (either by cash or loan application in 6 months before completion
  • Stamp Duty Savings – est. 0.4% if you buy BEFORE 15 JULY 2015 (Off Plan)
  • Tax Benefits – There are also some noteworthy tax benefits to be aware of. There are moredeductions available the newer the property is, especially when being brand-new so this maximisesyour tax deductions especially your Real Cap Gain Tax
  • Favorable currency exchange rate due to current weakness in Aussie Dollar (e.g. Sing Dollar vs Aussie Dollar)
  • Currently Low interest rate of 2.25% in Australia
  • Very low vacancy rate due to growing demand with Melbourne’s rental demand remaining tight
  • Continual population growth (current approx. 23.8 million) due to Australia Foreign Immigration Policy attracting foreign migration for its local economy benefits that has help creating shortage of housing demand.
  • Future migration or Children’s education or Expatriate return
  • Very Safe Legal structure and Investor friendly regulations.
  • Huttons – Sole Marketing Agent for Collins House Melbourne offer on-stop services to assist buyer in securing loan, linking up with local Estate Realtor for buyer with apartment seeking or ready to be rented out.
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