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Start your career as an agent

Why A Career as an agent?

If money motivates you and you have a burning desire to succeed, then a career as an agent is for you! 

  1. Easy to start! Only 4 ‘O’ Levels required, and passing the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course
  2. Low business cost
  3. Unlimited Income – The Sky’s The Limit! Soar to Greatest Heights… Relatively quick income (especially for rental cases) – typically from$3K per rental or from $6K per sale
  4. Flexible working hours
  5. Learn and become savvy with property for own investment (or to help relatives and friends)
  6. Meet many people – never a dull moment!
  7. Your net-worth is your network. Network with wealthy buyers / investors
  8. Improve your communication and interpersonal skills
  9. You Are Your Own Boss! Choose who you work with and decide what to do with your career

Why Join OverseasCondo?

  • Regular / weekly meetings & training
  • Learn Secrets to becoming a Top Producer without any real estate experience or even any sales experience
  • Learn 20 ways of prospecting
  • Learn the secrets of online marketing
  • Diversify your portfolio and increase your income with project launches – Huttons Real Estate Group probably has the most number of projects in Singapore (86 projects and counting..)
  • Bid goodbye to traditional methods of prospecting! Little, no cold calling/ door-knocking
  • Learn powerful sales techniques that can be used in many other sales jobs
  • Market sellout projects like Kovan Regency, One Dusun Residences, Guillemard Edge, Millage and Treescape (sold out recently in days or just a few weeks!)
  • Learn how to market and sell residential, industrial and commercial properties (offices, shops, F&B)
  • Learn how to market overseas properties.
  • We’ll teach you how you can market your properties globally!
  • Make Lots of Money! Legally, morally, ethically Receive regular project updates
  • Grow together to become one of the biggest teams
  • Benefit from the rapid growth of Huttons Real Estate Group Benefits of A Real Estate Career with Huttons
Register to start your Career as an agent with Huttons!

SMS “Huttons” with your Name Email to +65 91505426


Why Choose Huttons?

Huttons is the leading agency for new launches. We practise the best methods of creating a hype before a project is launched. Our latest new launch project, North Park Residences, saw over 300 units sold out of which, Huttons agents sold 211 units!

  1. High commission structure starting from 80/20 vs most other agencies starting at 70/30 Experienced agents from other agencies can shortcut to 85/15 with record of $50K commission earned in their previous agency or 90/10 with record of $80K commission earned)
  2. High commission payout for project launches, averaging 1.1% and as high as 8% (possible to make over $240K with just one deal!)
  3. Get $300 reimbursement from Huttons upon your 1st deal(within 2 months)
  4. Huttons is the Leader in project launches, offering a wide range of products you can market immediately upon joining, including landed houses, condominiums, apartments, shops, offices, industrial and overseas properties
  5. Newbies with no prior experience can also join our project launches and fast track their career with equal opportunity
  6. Everyone is on a same standing platform. Even newcomers can be TOP producers within a year!
  7. Leverage on our extensive IT systems that can help increase your sales and productivity
  8. Transparency, fairness and support
  9. Learn the Secrets to Success! I will share with you all my secrets of marketing.
  10. Superb lucky draws prizes! This year’s Huttons D&D, Huttons gave out half a million worth of cash! 
  11. Fun bonding and events such as annual convention, chinese new year lunch, Back-to-school theme D&D.
huttons d&d 2016
Huttons Dinner and dance
Huttons annual convention 2015

Steps to take NOW

  1. Register for the compulsory Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course. There are 8 CEA approved course providers, e.g.Singapore Accredited Estate Agencies (SAEA).
  2. Pass both RES papers (re-taking of individual papers allowed at $150 each)
  3. Huttons will notify you once your licence is approved and you can start!
  4. RES Course Requirements:
  5. Minimum 4 GCE “O” Level passes or equivalent OR Overseas qualifications or private diplomas – Assessment by CEA to determine if qualification is recognised OR Level 5 and above for the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) assessment in these 5 components (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Numeracy)

Register for the RES exams (Paper 1 & 2). 75% attendance is required for the RES Course Certificate in order to register for the RES Exam)

Register for your CEA Salesperson licence number from CEA (Council of Estate Agencies) via your real estate agency

Huttons agents receive training via the RC (Real Estate Course) and QPPC (Qualified Project Proficiency Course) to equip with necessary skills for showflat sales

RES Course Fee (e.g. SAEA) : $736.44 ($100-200 discount is given for Huttons agents! Find out how to save 50% of

course fees!)

RES Exam Paper 1 & 2 : $492.20

CEA Membership/Licence Fee & Indemnity Insurance (per annum) : $350.91

* Fees are before GST and are subjected to change.

Total cost adds up to about $2,000 (before any of the discounts). You can claim back $300 with your first successful property transaction (upon commission receipt – offer subject to change)

With a typical property launch sale earning commissions of $6,000 to $100,000, the entry costs can be recovered easily.



Full TimePart Time

How to take RES with just $84.60?

RES Course: $834.60

With effect from 1 January 2013, NTUC members can enjoy 50% claims on the unfunded course fee or up to $250 per year when they sign up for courses approved by UTAP.

UTAP Eligible Courses

  • RES Course

From January 2016, under the SkillsFuture Credit, Singaporeans aged 25 years and above will receive an initial credit of $500 which can be used to pay for course fees such as RES course.


$834.60- $250 (NTUC)= $584.60

$584.60 – $500 (SkillsFuture) = $84.60

Quickly leverage on these benefits before they’re gone!

Achieve great results in Huttons together with me!

Huttons Top Producers 2016
Huttons Top Producers 2016
Huttons Top Producers 2015
Huttons Top Producers 2015
Huttons Top Producers 2015
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