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Property Investor’s Guide

Property Investor’s Guide

“Singaporeans lost $ in foreign investments”, “Developer did not carry through promised Guaranteed Rental Returns”. Are these news that you often see on the newspaper? When investing in foreign property, it is always best to do your research before investing your hard earned money into property.

Property Investor’s Guide

Real estate, or property, involves a significant investment, make informed decisions by enhancing your knowledge.

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Property Investor’s Guide

If you are thinking of investing in an overseas property, go through these basic points before engaging a property agent.

1. Hot spots. Identify countries that are prime for investments opportunities. Cambodia, Australia and London are some property markets that have been seeing an increase in Singapore investors recently. Be sure to approach a qualified real estate agent to enquire about properties in those area.

2. Prime Location. The safest bet is to select properties located at prime districts. In the case of Cambodia, an upcoming market, the best bet is to invest in properties near Phnom Penh’s financial district, as several revitalisation projects are underway for the next few years. Properties in such areas benefit from proximity to amenities and lifestyle sports, further boosting their value.

3. The developer’s credibility. It is crucial to do your research to ensure that the property developer has a solid track record. This will help you to avoid instances when the development project is not completed.

4.Maturity period. It is important to know that investment returns are not immediate. As with many developing markets, properties tend to benefit from additional development projects in the surrounding area, which take time to complete.

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