Buying a home is a huge commitment, so make sure you are ready before making that big leap. Evaluate to see if you have the capabilities, or the need to purchase a home. Check out mortgage calculators to see how much are your monthly loan repayments. As a general rule of thumb, monthly loan repayments should not exceed 1/3 of your monthly income.

Why do you buy a property?

People buy properties for many different reasons. These reasons will influence the type of property that would be suitable for you. For example, a studio apartment would be ideal for a single working adult who wants to have a place of his own. However, a bigger apartment would be more suited for a newly married couple.

If you have just welcomed your first child, then you might want to opt for a landed residential property with more space for your child to play and grow. Then, there are also investors who seek out specific properties to fulfil their investment goals. Whatever your reason may be, it is crucial to find a property that suits your unique lifestyle and needs.

Who can buy a property?

In Malaysia, as long as you are a citizen aged 21 years old and above, you can purchase any property in the country. However, there are certain properties which are only reserved for Bumiputeras.

How to find a property?

There are several channels to find properties for sale. You can browse through the classified sections in the local newspapers. This medium is also a good source to find newly launched properties in the market.

Another option is online property portals. Some of these internet property portals such as PropertyGuru allow you to customise your search according to location, type, price, and size, which makes it much easier to find the property you want. Alternatively, you can also hire a property agent to do the legwork for you.

Picking the right place

Location is the key to finding the perfect property. Ideally, your house should not be too far from your work place. This would help you cut down on travel time and expenses. For those who depend on public transportation, finding a house near a train station or bus stop would be great.

You also need to consider the amenities in the area. Is it near shop lots, eateries or clinics? Young working adults might want a place in town where the popular entertainment spots are mostly located. For families with children, you may want your home to be near some reputable schools. It is also good to check that the neighbourhood you pick is safe and has a good reputation.

You would want a property that will increase in price, and the factors stated above will definitely help with the appreciation in value of your home. Another notable factor is to see if there are any on-going or upcoming developments in the surrounding area of the property you intend to purchase. Based on the fundamentals of supply and demand, an over-supply of houses will cause slower appreciation in prices. Hence, be sure to do research on developments surrounding your property area that can potentially affect the price of your home.

When to buy?

Like all major decisions in life, you would want to plan ahead before purchasing a property. If you are buying a newly launched house, it will take at least two years to complete. Buying an existing house would mean you can move in almost immediately but you might also need some time for repairs or renovation. The waiting period must be factored in to determine the timing of your purchase.

Then, there is also the age factor. Most financial institutions only offer a housing loan tenor of up to 35 years or a maximum age of 65 years old for the borrower. Based on this calculation, it is best to buy your first property before the age of 30 so that you can benefit from the maximum loan tenure.