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UK Buying Process – Step By Step

Provide your details for us to help you fill in the reservation form

Send a copy of your passport and address to us to help you fill in the Reservation form.

Complete a Reservation Agreement and Pay your Deposit

The reservation fee will vary depending on the size, type or price of your property but is typically between £2000 to £4000. Reservation is carried through Telegraphic Transfer online direct to Developer’s Account.

Appoint your legal Advisor

You should appoint an independent professional legal advisor to carry out the legal formalities and look after your interests. You will need to advise your solicitor of the reservation period, which will normally be 21 days, however this may vary depending on the stage of construction of your home. If you have a house to sell you should inform your legal advisor of this as they will have to apply for title deeds which can take up to three weeks to obtain.

Once appointed, please provide the details of your legal advisor to the Sales Team.

Some projects have an appointed solicitor you may choose to use as there usually is a subsidy on legal fees.

Apply for mortgage 3-6 months before completion

Once you have applied for your mortgage, send the Sales Team details of your application. You may want to chase up any referees that are required for your mortgage application.

Before moving into your new home

You’ll need to:

  • Check deeds are exchanged and the balance of the purchase has been paid so that legal completion has successfully taken place
  • Meet with the Customer Services Team to pick up the keys to your new property
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